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Vote for Per! Best live act and solo artist of the year. 2016’s winners include Kent, Beyoncé and Coldplay. Note: you may vote only once, but you can edit your choices until Jan. 15. You may select 3 choices in each category, but you don’t have to. And finally: you don’t have to be a Swede to vote! (You login via Facebook.)

Gyllene on Måndagsbörsen Dec. 5 1983!

The most interesting part about this is that Teaser Japanese was released the week before, but Break Another Heart and Run Run Run weren’t released until Feb ’84. Gyllene brought some friends along: Janne Bark guitar, Pelle Alsing (?) extra drums, an unidentified string keyboardist, Marie Fredriksson, Mia Lindgren and Anne-Lie Rydé on backing vocals.

Småstadsprat – chords

Directly from Per:

Enkelt. Spela D-ackord med Capo2.
Vers: DAD Gnedgång till Em sen A Hm G A
Refr Em med D som toppton (heter nåt tjusigt) D A
Solo Am Fmaj7 G6 Cnedgång till Am Fmaj7 G-dur

Em med D som toppton heter nog Em7…

Tonartsbyte förstås f o m solot. Allt blir ett helt tonsteg högre. D blir E etc.