Happy B-day MP!

Today is no ordinary day. No today is when Mats MP Persson puts his Telecaster on the shelf and takes to golfing instead!

Have a wonderful 65th B-day MP!

Hux Flux – a review

Anders Roos and Jan-Owe Wikström have put together yet another book about Gyllene Tider. Was that really necessary? Wasn’t already everything told? Well, it depends on how you see it. This book focuses more on the return from the End. It focuses a little bit on the fans and their points of view too. What I appreciate the most is how all of the members, except Per, pondered if they really should get back together again. Micke said “An ending is an ending, period.” but his lovely wife Helena gave him other perspectives, for instance.

The photos, and there are many, are awesome. The book is full of them and make you feel involved. The interviews, the journals, are interesting to take part of. As already mentioned, the favorites are Micke, MP, Fritz and Acke’s thoughts. A little trivia: since Micke said NO Per wrote the song Gyllene Tider igen as Pers Garage igen and thought he’d put that little outfit back together again. We all know what happened after that…

Also, there’s a very nice interview with Gabriel Gessle in the book.

So what isn’t great about the book? Well, the designer put together his own Gyllene Tider-logo and put that at the bottom of each page. That’s a no-no!

Apart from that, it’s very nice. Anders and JO have been everywhere and found out everything, as per usual. Looking forward to the next book…

Get the book here: Ginza, Bengans

And the winners are…

Two weeks ago we raffled out two Hux Flux books with prints courtesy of Anders Roos and Jan-Owe Wikström!

The question was: rate the guys in this photo by age, oldest to youngest.

A lot of you did, quite a few did not and some of you even found more than the three people we were looking for!

The correct answer is:

BoJo – Bosse Johansson Aug 23, 1955
PG – Per Gessle Jan 12, 1959
Anki – Anders Herrlin Sept 17, 1961

And some of you even found a woman behind Per that we didn’t see, and also apparently there is someone in a hammock behind Anders. Great finds! But they aren’t included…

So, the winners are:

Tina Zimmer, Germany
Kicki Bergström, Sweden

Congratulations!! The books will be sent out as soon as we get the prints from Anders Roos.

Win the new book – contest

Great news! In cooperation with the photographer of the new book Gyllene TiderHux Flux – Hela Sveriges dagbok, Anders Roos and writer Jan-Owe Wikström, we can now raffle out not one but two books with prints!

So, what do I need to do, you wonder?

Easy. Sort the people in this photo below, age-wise, from oldest to youngest. If you do know their B-days that is a bonus. Mail your answer with your address to contest@dailyroxette.com We need your answer before Dec. 8.

The new book is here

What does a Bo Diddley model Gretsch guitar have to do with Gyllene Tider? Why is Benjamin Ingrosso starstruck by Per Gessle? How much does Gyllene Tider mean to Commander in Chief Micael Bydén? What does Gabriel Gessle think of his father’s songs? Who moved a wedding, who left Australia, who has toured with Prince and who “dissed” Paul McCartney?
Never before has anyone come so close to Per Gessle, Micke Syd, Mats “MP” Persson, Anders Herrlin and Göran Fritzon of Gyllene Tider as in this photo-packed book.
Anders Roos started taking pictures already in connection with the “secret” album recording in Harplinge in June 2022 and Jan-Owe Wikström recorded the “diaries” from there and until the last chord sounded on Gyllene Tider’s eighth summer tour through Sweden, Norway and Finland.
But it is not only from the members’ own perspective, but also the families, artist colleagues, technicians, stage builders, staff around, the organizers, industry people and fans who all have their own stories to tell and relationship to the band that for decades planted power pop in the Swedish folk soul.
This is “Gyllene Tider – Hux Flux, Hela Sveriges dagbok”. And a little of the world. With a foreword by Per Simonsson who has directed the upcoming film about Gyllene Tider.


Photo deal

Photographer Anders Sällström shot portraits of Gyllene Tider in 1996. Now he’s selling a limited edition of 99 copies of the contact sheet for those sessions. The size is 40×50 cm (16″x 20″), no frame, signed by Anders. The original price is 1700 SEK (about €146) plus shipping, but if you give Anders the code TEVENSSO you will get it for 1450 SEK (about €125), plus shipping.  Not bad at all huh?? Contact Anders at anders@sallstrom.se

Unfortunately no shipping outside of the EU.

Anders Sällström fotade Gyllene Tider 1996. I år säljer han “Contact Sheet Approved” i 40×50 cm i begränsad upplaga av 99 st, signerad av Anders, utan ram för 1700:- plus frakt. Uppger du rabattkoden TEVENSSO får du bilden för 1450:- plus frakt! Inte så illa va! Kontakta Anders på anders@sallstrom.se