Gyllene Tider – filmen, nu på lördag

ÖPPEN CASTING för långfilmen om Gyllene Tider

Vi söker: Killar 17-24 år, bra om du spelar ett instrument

Vi söker även: Tjejer 17-22 år

När: Lördag 22/4 kl. 10-14

Plats: Dramalogen, Larsfridsvägen 9, Halmstad

Ingen förberedelse krävs!

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“Dagar att dansa” out in May

Yes the new single is just a few days old, but the next single is already done – “Dagar att dansa” with the same B-side as the last one, but in English! Yes you heard it, in English! It’s a PG Roxette leftover which was named “Sunday Driver Yea!” but it didn’t fit the album so Per recorded the English lyrics to the Gyllene backing track. To be released May 26.

“Chans” – out in a week

Suddenly it was Gyllene Tider again. The new single “Chans” is here as a sunny teaser of the upcoming album “Hux Flux” and the summer tour.

Per Gessle, Mats “MP” Persson, Göran Fritzon, Anders Herrlin and Micke Syd Andersson reunited last summer in the Sweetspot studio in Harplinge and when they were done they came out with eleven new Gyllene favorites.

The reunion started mostly by chance. In the winter of 2021, Gyllene Tider was in the middle of its Sleeping Beauty sleep, which began after the farewell tour two years earlier. At the same time, Per was out on a solo acoustic tour, which had to be postponed when new Corona restrictions hit. Then he bought a new guitar, played a fuzzed chord, got a feeling and wrote some pop songs about which had “Gyllene Tider” written all over them.

The first example of that is “Chans” (Chance), which has a classic Gyllene Tider sound with Göran Fritzon’s Farfisa organ as a guide. And as if that wasn’t enough, it is accompanied by another genuine pop sprinkler: “Sanna mina ord” (Mark My Words), also taken from “Hux Flux”.

But how was it that a bunch of new and catchy Gyllene Tider songs could pop up in the middle of a quiet acoustic solo tour?

It’s probably a bit typical of my temperament. When I’ve played too much acoustic it gets on my nerves and I just want to play power pop after a while. And a quick check with the rest of the band made it clear that everyone wanted to re-evaluate the decision to call it quits, says Per.

I think the pandemic changed everything. After it, everyone longed for a little security again and it is easiest to find with friends and family, so starting to think about Gyllene Tider again wasn’t that difficult. We realized we weren’t done yet. And once we decided to do another tour in 2023, I started writing.

“Chans” will be released on March 31st and is part of the upcoming album ‘Hux Flux’ which will be released on June 30th. Once again, Gyllene Tider show that they are the band that takes the opportunity when it presents itself. Congratulations, Sweden – summer 2023 came early this year.

New single out soon

“Chans” – the first single off Hux Flux will be released March 31. Per comments: “It’s a fun and really catchy album, loads of guitars and even more Farfisa organ. The first single will be out end of this month.”

Hux Flux!


Pandemin förändrade oss alla. Det var tuffa och tomma år. Jag kände en stark längtan att få spela ihop med med mina 70-talskompisar igen. Den brödrarelationen vi har och den kärleken vi möts av från vår publik är magisk och i tider som dessa känns beslutet att fortsätta Gyllene Tider-sagan klockrent.

Så det är med stor glädje jag kan meddela att Gyllene Tiders historia inte tog slut för några år sedan som vi alla trodde då. Hux flux så är bandet tillbaka igen.

Vi syns nästa sommar! /PG.

The pandemic changed us all. Those were tough and empty years. I felt a strong longing to play together with my ’70s friends again. The brotherly relationship we have and the love we receive from our audience is magical and in times like these the decision to continue the Gyllene Tider saga feels right.
So it is with great pleasure that I can announce that the history of Gyllene Tider did not end a few years ago as we all thought at the time. Hux flux, the band is back again.

See you next summer! /PG.

Biljetter släpps tisdag 25 oktober kl 09.00 via

Gyllene Tider Turnéplan 2023:
7 juli – Halmstad, Brottet
10 juli – Helsingborg, Sofiero Slott
12 juli – Malmö, Mölleplatsen
14 juli – Linköping, Stångebrofältet
15 juli – Eskilstuna, Sundbyholms Slott
17 juli – Lysekil, Pinneviken
19 juli – Skövde, Boulognerskogen
21 juli – Kalmar, Fredriksskans
22 juli – Ronneby, Brunnsparken
26 juli – Piteå, Pite Havsbad
28 juli –Stockholm, Stockholms Stadion
29 juli – Rättvik, Dalhalla
2 augusti – Karlstad, Mariebergsskogen
3 augusti – Uppsala, Botaniska Trädgården
5 augusti – Göteborg, Ullevi

Puls turns 40!

Gyllene Tider’s Puls turns 40! Yes indeed it does, even though it feels like a few years ago it was released.

This was Gyllene’s Big Thing. This is where they turned “adult” without the Farfisa and with a bigger production. This time around they got to record it in EMI’s big studio, which made them move all the microphones 10 meters away and make it sound more live. And I love the sound of this album still, so good job! Puls was supposed to be recorded in Abbey Road studios, but that was canceled, can’t really remember why, but I seem to recall it was too costly. Too little time for the money, so they stayed in Skärmarbrink.

Puls gave us hits such as “Sommartider” (on demand from EMI, “not enough hits on the album!”) and “Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång”, Gyllene Tider’s only #1 in Denmark. There were other good ones on the album but as always EMI released two singles and that was it. Period. Per commented back in the day that he wrote so many songs this should have been a double LP. Well, it’s time to dig these gems up then? I don’t know if there will be a box, but I’m counting on it.

In 1990 there was a CD release with many of the missing tracks. Tracks such as “Hej!” which was supposed to be the lead single off the album, but when the album was out it was nowhere to be found. Another track was “Skäl att tvivla”, another single contender but they got sick of it during production so it was also scrapped. Many (or at least a few) of these songs were recorded in English for the promotion album that never happened. “Summer City”, “Excited”, “Girl in a Cole Porter Song”, “California Sun” and a few others. “I Go to Pieces”, a Peter & Gordon cover, was released as the B-side of “Flickan”, with the Modern Times logo attached to it. Cute if nothing else. Oh right, on Halmstads pärlor from 1995 they actually did find one of these gems (“in the attic of EMI”) and put it on this album – “Du är en gangster älskling!”

What else can I say? I loved the sleeve. Very elaborate photography by Calle Bengtsson. Aftonbladet hated it, it was the worst sleeve they’d ever seen. Oh well.

Interesting trivia:

MP’s second recorded feedback loop during a solo – “Kustvägen söderut”.

Per reuses titles from time to time – “Som regn på en akvarell” – “Watercolors in the Rain”.

Guest singer on ”Vandrar i ett sommarregn” is Eva Dahlgren, who was too shy to be on TV performing the song live so Marie Fredriksson stepped up.

“Honung och guld” has recently been picked up by Per being played acoustically.

So far it’s been released five times. Here’s to many more!

Happy B-day “Puls”!

Sommartider hej hej!

And just a couple of days later we get Sommartider (Remix ’89) on Spotify. And not one remix, but two! Lång and Kort sommar!