“Chans” – out in a week

Suddenly it was Gyllene Tider again. The new single “Chans” is here as a sunny teaser of the upcoming album “Hux Flux” and the summer tour.

Per Gessle, Mats “MP” Persson, Göran Fritzon, Anders Herrlin and Micke Syd Andersson reunited last summer in the Sweetspot studio in Harplinge and when they were done they came out with eleven new Gyllene favorites.

The reunion started mostly by chance. In the winter of 2021, Gyllene Tider was in the middle of its Sleeping Beauty sleep, which began after the farewell tour two years earlier. At the same time, Per was out on a solo acoustic tour, which had to be postponed when new Corona restrictions hit. Then he bought a new guitar, played a fuzzed chord, got a feeling and wrote some pop songs about which had “Gyllene Tider” written all over them.

The first example of that is “Chans” (Chance), which has a classic Gyllene Tider sound with Göran Fritzon’s Farfisa organ as a guide. And as if that wasn’t enough, it is accompanied by another genuine pop sprinkler: “Sanna mina ord” (Mark My Words), also taken from “Hux Flux”.

But how was it that a bunch of new and catchy Gyllene Tider songs could pop up in the middle of a quiet acoustic solo tour?

It’s probably a bit typical of my temperament. When I’ve played too much acoustic it gets on my nerves and I just want to play power pop after a while. And a quick check with the rest of the band made it clear that everyone wanted to re-evaluate the decision to call it quits, says Per.

I think the pandemic changed everything. After it, everyone longed for a little security again and it is easiest to find with friends and family, so starting to think about Gyllene Tider again wasn’t that difficult. We realized we weren’t done yet. And once we decided to do another tour in 2023, I started writing.

“Chans” will be released on March 31st and is part of the upcoming album ‘Hux Flux’ which will be released on June 30th. Once again, Gyllene Tider show that they are the band that takes the opportunity when it presents itself. Congratulations, Sweden – summer 2023 came early this year.