Hux Flux – a review

Anders Roos and Jan-Owe Wikström have put together yet another book about Gyllene Tider. Was that really necessary? Wasn’t already everything told? Well, it depends on how you see it. This book focuses more on the return from the End. It focuses a little bit on the fans and their points of view too. What I appreciate the most is how all of the members, except Per, pondered if they really should get back together again. Micke said “An ending is an ending, period.” but his lovely wife Helena gave him other perspectives, for instance.

The photos, and there are many, are awesome. The book is full of them and make you feel involved. The interviews, the journals, are interesting to take part of. As already mentioned, the favorites are Micke, MP, Fritz and Acke’s thoughts. A little trivia: since Micke said NO Per wrote the song Gyllene Tider igen as Pers Garage igen and thought he’d put that little outfit back together again. We all know what happened after that…

Also, there’s a very nice interview with Gabriel Gessle in the book.

So what isn’t great about the book? Well, the designer put together his own Gyllene Tider-logo and put that at the bottom of each page. That’s a no-no!

Apart from that, it’s very nice. Anders and JO have been everywhere and found out everything, as per usual. Looking forward to the next book…

Get the book here: Ginza, Bengans