And the winners are…

Two weeks ago we raffled out two Hux Flux books with prints courtesy of Anders Roos and Jan-Owe Wikström!

The question was: rate the guys in this photo by age, oldest to youngest.

A lot of you did, quite a few did not and some of you even found more than the three people we were looking for!

The correct answer is:

BoJo – Bosse Johansson Aug 23, 1955
PG – Per Gessle Jan 12, 1959
Anki – Anders Herrlin Sept 17, 1961

And some of you even found a woman behind Per that we didn’t see, and also apparently there is someone in a hammock behind Anders. Great finds! But they aren’t included…

So, the winners are:

Tina Zimmer, Germany
Kicki Bergström, Sweden

Congratulations!! The books will be sent out as soon as we get the prints from Anders Roos.