Mats “MP” Persson

Mats “MP” Persson – guitars, backing vocals and keyboards


Born on the 26th of February, 1959 in Harplinge (a village just northwest of Halmstad), Mats Arne Persson was not only GT’s other founding member, but also the guy responsible for changing Per’s mind about becoming an interior decorator… He began to play the piano at the age of five, learned the guitar (and how to ride a Hog) as a teenager and has (up until present day) also mastered at least the drums, bass and even the trumpet!
Mats has a truly busy life, working with Roxette (mostly in the background), backing up the Lonely Boys and running his own company in Halmstad. Currently on his plate: Working on Hallandstunneln.

Lately he also runs studio T&A all by himself, recording and producing both local and well known bands like the Hep Stars. MP is married to Åsa-Caroline.

Interesting facts

MP looped the guitar thru the Hammond organ Leslie speaker during the 1981 tour.
On the opening day of “GT25” in Halmstad MP wondered what all the people were doing in Halmstad…
Keeps almost all his awards in his sauna.
Nailed the solo of “När ni faller faller ni hårt” on the first take in EMI studio 2. Lindbom was flabbergasted.
MP is a leftie.