The Heartland Café (1984)


1. Heartland (lyrics)
2. Run Run Run (lyrics)
3. Break Another Heart (lyrics)
4. Teaser Japanese (lyrics)
5. Another Place, Another Time (lyrics)
6. Demon Emptiness (lyrics)
7. Dreaming (lyrics)
8. When Love’s on the Phone (You Just Have to Answer) (lyrics)
9. Can You Touch Me? (lyrics)
10. Even If It Hurts, It’s Alright (lyrics)
11. Heartland Café (lyrics)

Bonus tracks of the 1990 release

12. Kiss From a Stranger (lyrics)
13. Young Girl (lyrics)
14. Anytime (lyrics)
15. Mr. Twilight (lyrics)
16. Rock On (lyrics)

Release info

Gyllene Tider’s fourth (and so far the only one in English) album, featuring the single “Teaser Japanese”. A promo 12″ single was made, but never commercially released, of “Break Another Heart”.
This album was released on CD in 1990 with a few bonus tracks added.
When Gyllene Tider turned 25 in 2004 this album wasn’t re-released…
In 2007 however, the album was finally re-released, this time without the bonus tracks, and it’s said to be remastered. So far the album has sold 45,000 copies.

Chart peak position

Sweden: #18 June 3, 1984

Release dates

1984-02-17 // EMI Roxette / Catalogue 1361371: 11 track LP and MC
1990-07-03 // EMI Parlophone / Catalogue 7942222: 16 track CD in Kompakta Tider
2007-04-11 // EMI Parlophone / Catalogue 3630812: 11 track CD